Local Youth Corner Cameroon is a national, non-profit, non-governmental and youth-led organization created in 2002 with a focus of working with youths within the ages of 15 to 35 and facilitating the transition of children into youth. Our work focuses on youth and children empowerment in the domain of peacebuilding, Preventing and countering violent extremism. We were created as a response to the increased in socio-political and economic challenges facing young people which have pushed them in conflict with the law and making them vulnerable to violence such as unemployment, bad governance, gender-based violence, lack of quality education, poverty, corruption, the poor social justice system and exclusion in the decision making processes.

Our youth-led approach is focused on providing innovative solutions to these problems, as a way to provide a violence-free society, sustainable peace and development, prevent and counter violent extremism. As of 2018, we had worked with over 1 million young people and executed over 600 youth development projects in collaboration with 100 national NGOs, government and international organizations.


LOYOC seeks to promote youth empowerment and participation in peacebuilding, prevent violent extremism and advance sustainable development to ensure a violent free community where youths are ambassadors of peace.


To create a peaceful and violence-free society where young people have the opportunity to explore their full potential, engage effectively in community development and work for a common good.